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’37 Buick: Salesman’s Fact Book (Part 4 of 10, Brakes)

The 1937 Salesman’s Fact Book is my favorite piece of ’37 Buick literature.  It is packed full of detailed information about the cars, engines and accessories.  If you study hard and commit this book to memory, you too can be an excellent salesman.  Over the course of 10 weeks I will share complete sections of this Fact Book.  Here is section 4, the Brakes.

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  1. T. M. Raymond
    T. M. Raymond February 1, 2017

    In 1937 Packard tested a ’37 LaSalle, which probably had very similar brakes to the Buick. They noted that the LaSalle’s stopping distance was no better than the Packard’s 128 feet from 60 m.p.h. – which meant that it was no worse. 128 feet from 60 is consistent with current stopping distances, and much better than the average stopping distance from American cars in the 50s, 60s and 70s. I’ve got a ’37 Cadillac, also with similar engineering, and can testify that the brakes are fantastic, much better than other collector cars that I’ve owned – and better than a lot of modern cars that I’ve driven. Thanks for the posting from the fact book – very interesting.

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