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Month: November 2016

Image of the Week: 1955 Chrysler 300

“For Immediate Release, March 21, 1955:
New Chrysler 300 America’s Most Powerful

The highest-powered car in America — the Chrysler 300 — has a 300-horsepower modified Chrysler Firepower V-8 engine.  The ground-hugging hardtop will be available to the public in March. Designed to the specifications of motor sports enthusiasts, the “300” has special suspension, is 58.6 inches high and features simple chrome treatment with natural leather interior.”

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’37 Buick: Getting Started

img_6964It’s been too long since I’ve given you an update.  Seriously.  I know I’ve used the same line before but there’s a big payoff at the end of this journal entry.  Stick with me, we’re making progress.

When I left you last, I had just finished the installation of my ’37 Buick’s fuel tank and rear leaf springs.  To finish off the rear suspension I added the rear stabilizer bar and shock links. As soon as the rear suspension was complete, I installed my car’s wheels and pushed it out into the direct sunshine for the first time in 4 years.  I grinned, took a few photos and pushed the old girl back into the garage.

At this point, trout season opened in Pennsylvania and I hit the water during all of my spare time.  Since I’m trying my best to be both a good father and a good husband, I only have a limited amount of spare time for hobbies.  If I’m spending time fishing, I’m not spending time on the Buick.  Days turned to weeks and weeks turned into a month.  Then one day, a couple of interns came to my library. 

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