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Category: Image of the Week

Image of the Week: Dodge Job-Mated Tradesman (1969)

“Compact, mobile repair shops, which allow tradesmen to move their workbenches right to customers’ doors, are now available in new “Job-Mated” Tradesman vans by Dodge.

In a unique approach to truck merchandising, Dodge has designed 18 special repair-shop-type interiors, with more than 45 interior-exterior options, for its versatile 90 and 108-inch-wheelbase vans.”



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IImage of the Week: Cars and Stripes (Pontiac 1964)

For release Wednesday, November 11, 1964 — “CARS AND STRIPES – Pontiac Motor Division has returned to the fine art of paint striping their automobile bodies. After brief appearances in 1926 and again in 1946, the stripes, running the full length of the car, are available on all 1965 Pontiac 2 Plus 2 and GTO orders. A frame mounted to the car by suction cups (above) provides a guide line for the painter as he makes one continuous stroke the length of the car. A double stripe (below) is applied to the 2 Plus 2 while a single line goes on the GTO.”


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Image of the Week: Firestone Testing, 1963 Indy 500

Firestone Press Release leading up to the 1963 Indianapolis 500:

“The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company leaves no stone unturned in its determination to provide the safest, most dependable tires possible for the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race.  This year the company x-rayed every tire built for the Memorial Day classic, and the practice and qualification runs which preceded it, to check the tread, cord and bead construction and to eliminate the possibility of foreign material in the tires.  Here Rodger Ward, winner of the race in 1959 and 1962, inspects a tire which could end up on his car on May 30 as he attempts to join Lou Meyer, Wilbur Shaw and Mauri Rose as the only three-time winners of the event.”



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Image of the Week: 1906 Baby REO

The Baby REO was a promotional piece used during the 1906 Automobile Show in New York City.  Weighing only 238-pounds, the car was a scale replica of the 1906 Model A REO and driven by a 2-hp engine.  The car was “lost” in the mid-1930s but rediscovered in 1954.  Shown here is the “Baby” in action and also a copy of the 1954 Press Release announcing the mini-car’s rediscovery.

Baby REO0001

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