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  1. Brian Leinon
    Brian Leinon November 18, 2014

    I found your website from the 1937 and 1938 buick yahoo discussion group. It’s great.
    I started to read your trials with your 37 Buick. I have a 38 opera coupe and will be starting my own restoration process sometime in the future. Finding the time will be the hard part. Anyway keep updates coming.

    • Chris Ritter
      Chris Ritter November 18, 2014

      Thanks for reading & if I can help you out in any way just reach out!

  2. Dan Brisker
    Dan Brisker December 20, 2015

    Chris. I have a one of a kind car (1982 Camaro Convertable – GM only produced three as test convertables). How would I go about getting it appraised? The other two they made (a Trans Am and Camaro are gone). Tne Camaro was stloen from the owner (Byers – a car dealer in Columbus Ohio), driven to WV and burned. The Trans Am went west somewhere.


    • Chris Ritter
      Chris Ritter December 22, 2015

      Hi Dan, The easiest thing to do is pick up a recent copy of Hemmings Motor News. There you will find listings for appraisers in your area. After you contact an appraiser they will make arrangements to see the car in person and perform the appraisal. Pretty painless process!

  3. Mauro trevizan
    Mauro trevizan January 19, 2017

    Hi, I’m your fan on discovery. I live in Brazil and am restoring my 1952 4 door pontiac I would like to ask some doubts, and share some research I have done here in Brazil. Being that the 1952 hydramatic pontiac is quite rare here. I’ll send some photos and restore process.

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