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’37 Buick: Salesman’s Fact Book (Part 8 of 10, Bodies by Fisher)

The 1937 Salesman’s Fact Book is my favorite piece of ’37 Buick literature.  It is packed full of detailed information about the cars, engines and accessories.  If you study hard and commit this book to memory, you too can be an excellent salesman.  Over the course of 10 weeks I will share complete sections of this Fact Book.  Here is section 8, Bodies by Fisher.

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Image of the Week — Every Day a Halladay

This 1913 Halladay Model 32 was stripped for speed and ready for action.  The driver was George Daubner and the passenger is one of the Fisher brothers from Detroit.  Halladay also employed two other Fisher brothers and a speed lover named Eddie Rickenbacker.  Halladay was in business from 1905-1922 but produced less than 1,800 vehicles.


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’37 Buick: Generous Strangers

Not long after I bought my Buick, I got an email

Pickup box shown here in a '37 Pontiac
Pickup box shown here in a ’37 Pontiac

from a friend who lives in Ohio.  He was scanning Craigslist and found a pretty unique accessory for my Business Coupe about 40 miles away near Allentown, PA.  The accessory was a small pickup bed that would slide into the back of the coupe after the trunk lid was removed.  Assuming it was an aftermarket item I thought it was cool but unnecessary.  The price was $250 but, more importantly, I didn’t know where I could hide the big box without my wife seeing it. Despite this I kept thinking about the box and did some research.  To my delight I learned that it was indeed a legitimate Fisher Body accessory.  Unfortunately I drug my feet long enough to lose out on the deal and I haven’t seen any other accessory pickup boxes for under $1,200.  I vowed to not lose out on any other great deals for my car in the future.


Package Shelf - Fisher Manual0001

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2014 when I received an email from the same friend in Ohio.  This time he told me about a guy who was giving away a package shelf assembly from a 1937 Pontiac Business Coupe.  The package shelf is a very cool item that featured two storage shelves directly behind the driver and a place to store the car’s spare tire directly behind the passenger.  The front of this assembly had vinyl curtains while on top of there would be a shelf running the width of the car. The front vinyl and top shelf conceals the entire area behind the front seat.

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